Samsung Focus Flash
Samsung Focus Flash Samsung

Black Friday is all about finding the best deals, and the Samsung Focus Flash and HTC Wildfire S are two of the best deals on smartphones this year. They aren't being sold at discount prices, it's just that they don't have the features to keep up with the main big ticket smartphones. They are both available for under $100, however, and you still get plenty of tech gadgetry in either one.

HTC's Wildfire S is on T-Mobile for $80 on contract (after $50 mail in rebate) and has a 3.2-inch display with the Android 3.2 operating system. That is the latest version of Google's OS, and although the Wildfire S is not likely to get the next update (Android 4.0), the 3.2 version should be supported for at least another year before it's obsolete. It has a five megapixel camera on the back and the Swype keyboard that makes typing on the small screen much easier. You can use apps from the Android Market on the Wildfire S, but it doesn't have much storage, so don't go downloading a couple dozen apps and then expect to import many songs to the device. If you're not into signing up for any carrier contracts, the Wildfire S is also on MetroPCS. There's no contract to sign, but you have to pay the non subsidized price of the phone 9$180) and then any monthly charges from MetroPCS.

Samsung's Focus Flash is only $50 with a two year contract from AT&T, but it doesn't run the Android system. It does have a 3.7-inch screen (iPhone's is 3.5-inches), front and rear-facing cameras and eight gigabytes of on board storage. It has much better resolution than the Wildfire S and a faster processor. Because it runs the Microsoft system, it doesn't have access to the Android Market. It does have apps, though. The Windows Phone Marketplace has around 40,000 to choose from and the system fully supports the Office suite of programs as well as full integration of Outlook. Both devices would make great stocking stuffers, but unless you are dead set on grabbing an Android device, the Focus Flash is the better deal. Tell us in the comments if you are upgrading your smartphone this year.