Priv 3
Pre-registrations for the slider phone BlackBerry Priv is now open. Pictured above: A live BlackBerry by Priv unit. Reddit

The BlackBerry Priv slider phone with Android OS on board has cropped up live on several occasions showing the one-of-a-kind exterior design. Now, the handset is available for pre-registration.

As the "Priv by BlackBerry" release date nears, the Canadian tech giant has added a new dedicated page for pre-registration, thereby revealing some of the key configuration details right on the page. Upon registering, BlackBerry will inform the interested buyers when the device becomes available in their country.

According to the pre-registration page, the BlackBerry Priv specifications include a 5.4-inch "dual-curved display." Yes, finally, there is an official confirmation that the long-rumored curved display is indeed part of the new device. Even though the mega pixel count has not been revealed, the company said that the device will come with a Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera unit.

Furthermore, a phenomenal 3,410 mAh battery unit will help keep the lights on for a prolonged period of time in true BlackBerry style. Apart from the physical QWERTY keyboard that slides in and out, the handset also comes with a touch-screen. This "ergonomically perfect" phone will also support a wide range of Google Play store apps. To top it all off, the company says, a warning system called "DTEK" has been introduced in the upcoming device that apparently provides power of privacy to the users.

Not long ago, a Redditor named "Imsorandom," who happened to check out the BlackBerry Priv hands-on while attending CISO conference, had reported that the new handset is thinner than his own Samsung Galaxy Note 5, even with a sliding keyboard. Plus, the camera unit is believed to come with 4K video recording support, GSM Arena reported.

Speaking of BlackBerry Priv price, the device will reportedly set the buyers back by $630. Interested readers can pre-register the Priv using this link.