• Lisa Manoban released multiple visual teasers before "Lalisa" came out 
  • The album contains two tracks: "Lalisa" and "Money"
  • In the video for her title track, Lisa wore a traditional Thai costume

Following multiple visual teasers, Blackpink’s Lisa Manoban dropped her solo debut titled “Lalisa” on Friday.

The music video for the lead single “Lalisa” was also released on the same day and it showcases the 24-year-old Blackpink member's talents in singing, rapping and dancing. Just a few hours after the video was posted on YouTube, “Lalisa” garnered over 12 million views from fans who were delighted with the release of the much-anticipated album. 

The video features the Thai native in various outfits. Lisa is also seen dancing and singing in various sets, including a dance studio, a bar, a Thai royal palace and a front porch of a house. She also rode a four-wheel vehicle in a desert before she jammed with dancers who wore an all-black costume.

In the video, which stretches a little over three minutes, Lisa pays homage to Thailand in her gold traditional costume.

Many have lauded her for remembering her lineage in her first solo project.  

"She's literally a queen," a fan commented on Twitter. 

A few hours before the release of her music, Lisa told the press about her excitement for her solo project.

“I keep feeling nervous, and I still can’t believe it. Even when I was practicing the choreography, I wasn’t sure whether it was actually happening, but when I filmed the music video, it finally started to feel real,” Lisa said in an online press conference, reported Soompi.

“I’m delighted to be able to show my first solo performance, and I hope that BLINKs will look kindly on it because this is my first solo album, and also because the title of the album is my name ‘Lalisa,’ it holds a lot of meaning for me,” she continued.

Asked why she chose “Lalisa” for her album’s name, she said, “I wanted to show the coolest side of myself through the album. I wanted to show myself, Lalisa, exactly as I am, which is why I ended up using this title.”

Lisa also talked about the reason why she ditched her iconic bangs in the album jacket for "Lalisa." 

“I wanted to show a new side of myself, so I bared my forehead for the first time during my album jacket shoot,” she said. “My fans have never seen me with my forehead bared before. Because I wanted to show something new, I made up my mind and finally bared my forehead.”

Lisa also described her B-side track "Money" as a hip hop song that everyone can enjoy."

Blackpink's Lisa Get to know the secrets behind Lisa's flawless skin! Photo: Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images