Blizzard’s unannounced first-person shooter set in the “StarCraft” universe has reportedly been canceled so that its developers can work on other upcoming titles. Here’s what we know about the matter.

Kotaku reported that according to several anonymous people knowledgeable about the matter, Blizzard has decided to cancel a “StarCraft” FPS game so that those who are working on it can put their efforts into what is believed to be “Diablo 4” and “Overwatch 2.”

The “StarCraft” FPS, code named “Ares,” was already in development for two years. One of the report’s sources, who opted to stay anonymous as they were unauthorized to speak about the matter, said the game was supposed to be “like Battlefield in the StarCraft universe.”

Early prototypes showed that the game was supposed to put players in the shoes (and suit) of a Terran marine out to gun Zerg aliens into oblivion. The sources also revealed that the developers were planning on “experimenting” with playable Zerg alien units as well.

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A let down

The developers themselves were disappointed with the cancellation. Kotaku’s sources said that while development was “slow,” the game was “looking quite good” already. Because of this, the cancellation itself was “a massive shock” to the developers.

Some people who love the “StarCraft” franchise would’ve at least appreciated another entry. Netizens who read the report expressed their disappointment at the fact that the game was canceled even before it was announced.

Deliberate silence

Speaking of “not announced,” Blizzard told Kotaku that it deliberately avoided announcing or discussing the game with the public “because anything can happen over the course of development.” This news simply showed that something happened: the game was canceled.

Indeed, this is not the first time Blizzard had to cancel a game set in the “StarCraft” universe. More than a decade ago, the game company also canceled another shooter game, “Starcraft: Ghost.”

“StarCraft: Ghost” was supposed to be a third-person shooter that involved a lot of stealth and shooting action. Players would play the role of Nova, a Terran “Ghost” who had impressive physical skills and psionic powers she could use to enhance her natural abilities like running.

Fans can only hope to see more “StarCraft” content and games released soon. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the franchise