Overwatch Season 3 Ends Soon
Overwatch Season 3 is ending on Feb. 21, so players have only a few days left to rank up. Picture: A scene from the game being played on PlayStation 4. Blizzard Press Centre

The ‘Overwatch’ team from Blizzard has announced the season three end-date — Feb. 21, 4 p.m. PST (7 p.m. EST).

Players who participated in the third season by completing at least 10 placement matches assigned to them will get a spray and a player icon along with a logo depicting Volskaya Industries. In case a player managed to get in the top 500 on any system (PC, PS4, Xbox or Steam), he/she will also get a top 500 icon and animated version of the spray to commemorate this achievement.

Rewards are also available as competitive points for every rank level achieved during the season and will count even if you weren’t able to maintain your ranking throughout the season.

Competitive point distributions will be as follows:

  • Bronze - 100 points
  • Silver - 200 points
  • Gold - 400 points
  • Platinum - 800 points
  • Diamond - 1,200 points
  • Masters - 2,000 points
  • Grandmasters - 3,000 points

Season three kicked off in December 2016, introducing Sombra and big changes to Symmetra. Season four, which begins Feb. 28, a week after season three ends, is expected to bring decline to Roadhog with Bastion becoming picked more frequently. The appearance of Doomfist is also being rumored for the season.

Other design elements are also expected to change in the season as climatologist Mei is expected to wear the Chinese national costume to celebrate the Chinese New Year, while D.Va’s character is expected to adorn different colors than previous seasons.

Before the season ends, players should try queuing with players other than their usual partners. They should try being grouped with as few people as possible to avoid being run into premade groups. If a player becomes the leader of a group he is gaming with, his/her success and coordination in the game could become better.