Blue Origin 3
Blue Origin released the first ever illustrations of its New Shepard capsule, Mar. 29, 2017. Blue Origin

There comes a time during every road trip when the inevitable bathroom break becomes necessary, but on Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s space flight company, riders won’t have that option.

The journey is planned to take about 10 minutes, takeoff to touchdown, and passengers will board the Blue Origin craft roughly 30 minutes before the flight, Bezos said at a Blue Origin event.

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The short length of the flight is the reason Bezos and the Blue Origin team hasn’t equipped the craft with a bathroom. In all, the whole journey from boarding to landing should take only 40-41 minutes Bezos estimates.

“You’re gonna be fine, you could dehydrate ever so slightly if you have a weak bladder,” he said at the event.

The same idea goes for any other possible waste created during flight. When asked about the possibility of the flight making passengers sick to their stomachs Bezos replied, “It takes time, they don’t throw up right away, we’re not going to worry about it.”

He did however mention that if either of these possibilities became a real concern, “We’ll figure out how to cram a bathroom in there.”

Bezos announced that Blue Origin had its first customer last month for the trip that he hopes to launch in 2018, we don’t know who the passenger is but we know they have a big wallet, and hopefully a strong bladder.