BMW Vision ConnectedDrive: The future of intelligent networking.
BMW’s new concept vehicle is much more than a mere luxe machine to quench your thirst for pleasure driving. BMW/handout.

BMW's new concept vehicle is much more than a mere luxe machine to quench your thirst for pleasure driving. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive, which will make its world debut on March 2011, is a spectacular roadster optimizing comfort, safety and the enjoyment of infotainment in the vehicle.

The vehicle is designed to facilitate better interaction between the driver and the passenger while creating a unique infotainment experience. In fact, the design embodies the bond between the driver and the vehicle and the dialogue between the driver and the passenger as well as the interaction of the occupants of the car with the environment.

Sensors integrated in the headlights and the rear lights promote effective monitoring of the traffic situation and the environment. Antennas instead of wing mirrors transmit information to the outside world and capture navigation data.

Another interesting innovation is the enhanced Head-Up display which provides a three-dimensional display of information and icons creating an optical fusion of the actual view of the road ahead with virtual content.

Apart from this, the vehicle is equipped with a freely programmable instrument cluster; its display complements the projections generated by the Head-Up Display.

By means of a display, which also presents information in three dimensions, individual pieces of information can be optically emphasized to a greater or lesser degree depending upon the driving situation, in order to gain the appropriate amount of attention.

The Emotional Browser, on the other hand, captures and filters additional information about the environment through which the vehicle is currently travelling, in terms of people, mood or location. This can be adjusted to suit individual preferences thereby allowing for individually-tailored choice of information.