Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Image via Wikipedia.

Last we checked with our intrepid Whitney Houston spawn, the clan was fighting over Bobbi Kristina Brown's drug habit and the somewhat odd relationship between her and adoptive brother Nick Gordon. But now it looks like they're...all going on a happy Easter trip to Mexico together??

That's what Forbes's Roger Friedman claimed today, citing an anonymous insider source.

Friedman also dropped the bombshell that shortly after the death of Whitney Houston, Nick Gordon – who was taken in by Whitney about a decade ago as a son, but who is now rumored to be in a romantic relationship with adoptive sister Bobbi Kristina Brown – tried to get control of Whitney's estate by convincing Bobbi Kris to sign an important legal document.

My source says that right after Houston died, Gordon tried to convince Bobbi Kristina to sign over her power of attorney to him, wrote Friedman. 'Luckily, it was stopped,' says the source. 'But Nick Gordon definitely wants his hands on Bobbi Kristina's money.'

This comes on the heels of rumors yesterday that Pat Houston flew down to Atlanta with some other members of the Houston family and close friends to try to talk some sense into Bobbi Kristina regarding her substance abuse, which is said to include alcohol, marijuana, and prescription pills. (Which pills, they didn't say, but there have been accusations that Nick Gordon used to procure Adderall for Bobbi Kris, as well as cocaine on occasion, which was said to be Whitney's drug of choice. The toxicology report on Whitney's death revealed that she was under the influence of cocaine, Valium, Xanax, alcohol, and marijuana when she died, with a spoon and traces of cocaine found in her hotel room.)

All of this makes it seem quite strange that the family – who apparently despises Nick (well, at least Whitney's mother and Houston family matriarch Cissy, who once said that what they're doing in incestuous) – would bring him along for a Mexican vacation. But I guess if Bobbi Kristina Brown really is in love with him, maybe it was the only way to get her to come?

In any case, if drugs is what they want, they'll have no trouble finding them in Mexico.