The Air France Flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1 with 228 passengers and crew may have broken up at high altitudes, but authorities have not reached any conclustion, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

The 49 bodies recovered so far from the crash show no water in their lungs, which suggests the people died before hitting the water after the plane broke apart, the report states.

On Saturday a merchant ship found a medium size piece of debris from the airplane, according to the Brazilian military but no more bodies or parts from the Air France flight were recovered that day by Brazilians, an Air Force brigadier, Ramon Borges Cardoso said according to Bloomberg.

Air France Flight 447 was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. The search for more bodies and the black boxes - which may contain clues about why the crash occurred - will continue, Bloomberg reported. On June 19 authorities will review how long the search will continue.