More people than she knows have been keeping a drastic and life-altering secret from her for months, and now, Hope may finally learn the truth about her daughter, Beth, as Thomas begins to panic during their honeymoon on the Friday, August 2 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) has been desperate to consummate his marriage to Hope (Annika Noelle), and seemed to finally be making some headway with her after she put on the lingerie he gave her and didn’t immediately back away as he removed his own top and began kissing her again on the CBS soap. However, if he gets an unexpected phone call from Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), everything will grind to a halt, as Hope will insist he answer since it could be about Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri)---but his sister will be revealing instead that Liam believes her adopted daughter is Beth, the baby he and Hope lost. As she demands answers about why this is happening and what he knows, he will realize the gig is up—and he needs to make a drastic move if he wants to keep Hope for himself.

Bold and the Beautiful Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) tries to flee and take Hope (Annika Noelle) with him after realizing Liam (Scott Clifton, not pictured) knows the truth on the August 2, 2019 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”  Photo: CBS

“Thomas tries to flee and take Hope with him after realizing Liam knows the truth,” spoilers reveal.

What Hope doesn’t know is that Thomas is one of the few people who knows the truth about her daughter really being alive, and he was keeping the secret from her because he knew it would reunite her and Liam. Realizing he’s out of time if he stays in LA, he will quickly try to get his wife to come with him and leave, with the hopes that Liam—and the news about their daughter—never finds them.

Meanwhile, Liam is finally getting the whole story after confronting Flo (Katrina Bowden) about it. She finally admitted to not only not being Phoebe’s birth mother, but also confirmed Hope was the one who gave birth to the child. Now, she will likely reveal the rest of the story as well.

“Flo is relieved and broken-hearted as she finally comes clean to Liam and Wyatt,” spoilers state.

However, as he learns the whole story, Liam will move as quickly as he can to get to Hope and inform her—and his arrival on the scene as Thomas tries to get her out of town could finally bring the moment she didn’t know she was waiting for—the news that her daughter is actually alive.

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