• Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said PlayStation consoles will not receive crossplay support for "Borderlands 3"
  • He noted it was a decision made by the game's publisher, 2K Games
  • The exact reasoning behind the decision was not disclosed

Gearbox’s renowned mayhem-filled looter-shooter “Borderlands 3” is finally getting crossplay between PC and Consoles, but unfortunately, PS players will be left out due to some issues with the game’s publisher, 2K Games.

An incoming update to “Borderlands 3” will allow full crossplay support between PC and every other platform that runs the game, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford tweeted that 2K Games required them to remove support for PlayStation consoles.

Pitchford did not clarify exactly why 2K required them to exclude PlayStation from getting crossplay enabled but said in his tweet that it was required for the sake of certification.

Sony is known for its aggressive stance against crossplay in general. The company has refrained from allowing crossplay even on games that supported it.

Sony previously drew flak from the gaming community when it denied crossplay between “Fortnite” players back in 2018, The Verge reported.

In 2019, Sony became more lenient with the idea of crossplay, but it also began to charge a fee from developers who wanted to enable crossplay in the PS4 versions of their games based on their revenue, PC Gamer reported.

Sony’s reluctance may possibly be the cause of “Borderlands 3’s” lack of PS crossplay, but no evidence has pointed toward this so far. Unfortunately, fans of the game that play exclusively on PlayStation will have to loot and shoot without their PC and Xbox friends until the foreseeable future.

“Borderlands 3” is the latest entry to the genre-defining “Borderlands” series of games that introduced the looter-shooter concept to the world. It features fast and frantic first-person shooter action with RPG elements like character classes, abilities and skill trees.

The game was widely praised for staying true to its roots in terms of gameplay and presentation, and many fans were satisfied with the improvements on how weapons felt and handled compared to the previous games. However, “Borderlands 3” had some mixed reception with its writing, particularly with its plot direction, characters and outdated sense of humor.

“Borderlands 3” has been receiving a steady stream of paid content in the form of DLCs, as well as some free additions like seasonal gameplay events.

Borderlands 3 retains the series' signature cel-shaded artstyle
Borderlands 3 retains the series' signature cel-shaded artstyle. Gearbox Software