• "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection" could allegedly be the next free Epic Games offer
  • Tip comes from same leaker who predicted "GTA V" free game offer
  • "ARK: Survival Evolved" will be following "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection" as free offer

Epic Games hit it well when they offered "Grand Theft Auto V" last May 14 as its free mystery game offering. With that deal now lapsing, most are eager to see what new free title the group will have to offer. Nothing has been revealed so far, but the same person who leaked the "GTA V" deal has shared a couple of games that could be coming soon.

A new leak over at Reddit shows that "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection" and "ARK: Survival Evolved" could be the next free offers from Epic Games. This is the same source that hinted at the "GTA V" and "Civilization VI" release. Being a virtual unknown, the post hardly drew attention. But when the two game titles came out, folks are now taking upcoming leaks on his end more seriously.

For now, the free game offered by Epic Games is "Civilization VI" that will be available until May 28. It may not be as popular as "GTA V" but remains a well-known game to check out. Players who want to grab the offer can do so but heading over to the Epic Games site. Those who may not be members yet can start signing up now. The site is performing well right now after encountering downtime when they offered "GTA V."

"Borderlands: The Handsome Collection" will allegedly be the next free title for Epic Games account holders. This will include the "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel" and "Borderlands 2" in one package. The offer will include all DLC, meaning folks will get a ton of content once (and if) it is the next free game to be offered by Epic Games. And if the prediction is spot on, "ARK: Survival Evolved" will follow, a multiplayer game that has grown in popularity. Gamers looking for a new kind of adventure and fascinated with dinosaurs are likely to enjoy this offer if it is lined up for release.

Though the leaker has been accurate thus far, it would be best to take these new Epic Games free offering lightly for now. More details should emerge in the coming weeks. For now, the attention is on "Civilizations VI," a game that challenges players to expand their empire and compete with history's greatest leaders. This game originally cost $41.99.

Borderlands 2
A new “Borderlands” game is coming soon. Gearbox Software/Steam