Twitter website appears to be clear of traces from the worm that attacked the social networking site over the weekend.

Even though the threat seems to have passed, questions remain about just how serious this attack was and if there will be any repercussions for the worm's creator.

The worm, dubbed StalkDaily, exploited a cross-site scripting vulnerability, and was the creation of a bored 17-year-old.

Early on Saturday, April 11, the Mikeyy worm started to spread via Twitter posts by encouraging you to click on a link to a rival micro-blogging service

As soon as the users clicked on the link, their account would be infected and begin to send out similar messages encouraging your followers to visit StalkDaily. Then the affected users' followers would then become infected and the worm's infection rate would grow.

Michael Mooney, a 17-year-old living in Brooklyn, said he created the worms out of boredom. The messages in the first outbreak included a link to rival microblogging site,, which Mooney owns.

Mooney said in the interview with CNET that he did not plan on releasing any more worms targeting Twitter.

By the end of the weekend, Twitter's security team had identified and deleted nearly 10,000 tweets seeking to still spread the worm.