• Bose has announced a new pair of sleep-focused earbuds, the SleepBuds II
  • The company said it is "clinically proven" to help people sleep faster and better
  • The new device comes after a slew of new audio devices

Bose has announced the new Sleepbuds II, its latest offering designed to help users get better sleep. The company said the new device features technologies that are proven to work, letting people sleep faster than they would without it.

In a press release, Bose claimed that the new Sleepbuds II boasts of better features than its predecessor and is “clinically proven” to help users sleep faster. It offers better “noise-masking” and introduces new features meant to help users fight what the company calls a “barrier” to getting enough good-quality rest: the inability to relax.

Bose's Sleepbuds II features a new acoustic and electronics design, unlike the older model. It has new ear tips designed to provide users with a soft yet secure fit, allowing it to stay in the wearer's ears all night. Its new enclosure makes it weigh “lighter than a dime,” and its small size lets users sleep comfortably on their sides – even with a pillow against their ears.

Sleepbuds II also comes with over 35 free tracks specially designed to help users sleep by “covering” noises. These noises, according to Bose, are very familiar to everybody: snoring partners, loud neighbors, barking dogs, road traffic and so on.

The Sleepbuds II is also designed to “reduce the mental distractions from long, busy days.”

Clinically Proven

Unlike Bose's renowned noise-canceling headphones and earbuds, the Sleepbuds II doesn't cancel the noise around the wearer. It “covers” the noise and replaces it with sound conducive to sleep.

“Bose Sleepbuds II use advancements in our proprietary noise-masking technology because covering sound — not canceling it — is a better solution for sleeping,” Steve Romine, head of the Bose Health Division, said in the press release.

Bose partnered with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center to test the effects of Bose's sleep technology on 55 different individuals. All of them were made to use the Sleepbuds for some time.

All of the participants confirmed that Bose's sleep technology worked against the noises that disturbed their sleep. A huge percentage (86%) said it helped them sleep faster, and 76% said it helped them stay asleep. Overall, 80% of the participants reported better sleep quality.

Bose is selling the new Sleepbuds II for $249.95. It is now accepting preorders and will be shipping the devices starting Oct. 6.

Bose SleepBuds II
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