The Boston Marathon bombings on Monday took the lives of three people and injured nearly two hundred victims.

Since the shocking tragedy, celebrities have come together to show their support for the victims and the city of Boston.

Just hours after the incident, Boston native Mark Wahlberg had to walk the red carpet in New York for the premiere of his latest film, “Pain and Gain.” He did not know yet if his family and friends in the area were alright.

"None of this [expletive] is important," Wahlberg told CBS at the premiere.

"We're dealing with real life and innocent people getting hurt. It's disgusting, man.

"It's horrible, man. I'm trying to be a pro and be out here doing my job. This stuff doesn't mean anything compared to what's happening in the real world."

On Tuesday, “Two and a Half Men” actor Ashton Kutcher, who is currently in London with his girlfriend Mila Kunis, wore a Red Sox hat to show his support for Boston. He also posted a photo of himself wearing the hat to his Twitter account.

Days later, Sandra Bullock, while at a screen of her new movie “The Heat” in Boston, told Access Hollywood on Thursday, "That city is made up of amazing, strong, loyal, kind, giving people and you saw that once everything happened.

"You saw the amount of people that rushed into the danger and just helped everyone. All tragedies -- it brings out the best in people and you just see what a great, great, great place Boston is."

One suspect involved in the Boston marathon bombings is now dead, and another is on the run.

The surviving suspect has been identified by Boston police as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19. The suspect who was killed by police has been identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, the remaining suspect’s older brother.