If you’re not ready for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” season five, part two, just yet, the International Business Times has plenty of resources to get you all caught up. Our binge-watching guide can direct you to key episodes. Don’t have time to skim through those episodes fast enough? Then take a look at our “Breaking Bad” GIFs, which break down key themes of the series. Once you’re caught up, take a look at predictions for the “Blood Money” episode and final-episode theories.

If you’re really not in mood to read, there’s yet another resource for you to get up to speed with “Breaking Bad” before the season premiere. Betting Bad released a nine-minute “Breaking Bad” digest video on YouTube. The narrator rushes through each plot point at lightning speed, without skipping a beat. If all else fails, this is probably your best alternative.

Watch the nine-minute refresher in the video above. Now that you’re caught up, grab the popcorn and enjoy the premiere of “Breaking Bad” season five, part two, on AMC this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.