Walter White-Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston appears as Walter White in the late, great “Breaking Bad.” AMC

'Breaking Bad' ended dramatically after five seasons with its main character Walter White dying. With that he left all his money to his son Walt Jr., but not his wife Skylar or daughter Holly. What does this ending say about the women’s role in the show?

The female characters on the show more than often took a back seat to the men in their own story development. The actress who plays Skylar, Anna Gunn voiced that she had received threats via social media over her character. Was it the writer’s intention to make us, the audience, hate her?

The way in which the Emmy Award winning series ended made IBT Media and Culture Editor Ellen Killoran question how the show wanted to represent women. We sat down with Ellen to discuss and analyze the ending of the hit show.

‘Breaking Bad’, though over, will have a lasting effect on how we watch television by bridging the gap between cinema and television. And fans won’t have to last long before they get their next fix with their spin-off staring morally corrupt Saul Goodman gearing up for his spinoff.