Britney Spears
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Just when you thought that Britney Spears was getting back on track with her new album Femme Fatale, she has hit the headlines again. This time, her ex-bodyguard has come up with fresh allegations against her, a Herald Sun report stated.

Recently, her seventh studio album has debuted at number one on the Billboard hot 100, making her join the ranks of Mariah Carey to be only the second artist in history to have two singles debut at number one. The album's sales soared in the United States and has apparently sold over 590,000 copies.

However, it looks like Spears is far from the squeaky clean image which she used to have during her Baby One More Time days .

Her bodyguard has come up with fresh claims in a recently filed lawsuit against her. The lawsuit claims he was harassed by her and says that she had obnoxious hygiene and used to scare her kids by crying and farting in front of them. He also adds that she picked her nose in front of everyone and hardly ever took a bath and did not brush her teeth for days.

Fernando Flores, her ex-bodyguard, had already filed a lawsuit against her for sexual harassment last year. The all new claims by him could be a huge blow to her already tarnished image. He has also spoken about her taking a cocktail of drugs and smelling of stale tobacco all the time. For somebody like Britney, who is considered the pop princess and a mother of two, allegations of having poor hygiene is one of the worst accusations to come by.

Wonder what Spears has to say about her never ending troubles with her ex-bodyguard and his fresh accusations!