• Britney Spears' two dogs were returned to her Friday after being kept from her for two weeks, a report says
  • Spears' dog sitter took care of the pooches after the singer's housekeeper brought them to a veterinarian
  • The dog sitter still works for Spears but not the housekeeper, with whom she had an alleged altercation

Britney Spears has been reunited with her two dogs after they were taken from her earlier this month, a report says.

The "Toxic" singer's housekeeper allegedly took away her pooches two weeks ago and brought them to a veterinarian over concerns that they were sick. However, the dogs were not returned to her in the weeks that followed the visit to the vet, triggering an alleged altercation between Spears and her housekeeper Monday that led to the pop superstar being investigated for alleged battery.

Spears finally got her two dogs back Friday, TMZ reported. They were returned to the singer by her dog sitter, who reportedly kept the pooches for two weeks.

The dog sitter is still working for the 39-year-old star, but the housekeeper has been fired, the outlet said, citing unnamed sources. Both women were not named in the report.

Prior to being taken away, Spears' dogs were allegedly dehydrated and seriously ill, with one close to death, TMZ reported.

The outlet quoted sources with direct knowledge of the incident as saying that one of Spears' two dogs has serious digestive issues and that both pooches were supposed to be fed a special type of food.

The housekeeper became concerned when she allegedly saw them regularly being fed table scraps, causing them to become sick, especially the dog with digestive problems, the report said.

The housekeeper also claimed that the dogs were dehydrated from a lack of water, which ultimately drove her to take them to the vet, TMZ said.

The vet was "alarmed" after examining Spears' dogs, sources told the outlet. This allegedly convinced the dog sitter that it would be best if she took them home instead of returning them to Spears.

Last Monday, Spears still had no clue about her dogs' whereabouts, causing her to confront her housekeeper. The staffer later accused Spears of slapping her phone out of her hands.

After the housekeeper filed a battery complaint against the singer, Spears' lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, called the allegation "sensational tabloid fodder" that was "nothing more than a manufactured 'he said she said' regarding a cell phone, with no striking and obviously no injury whatsoever."

The Grammy winner allegedly suspected that her father, Jamie Spears, had something to do with the disappearance of her pets. According to TMZ, the housekeeper reportedly showed Spears photos she'd taken of the sick dogs on her phone. The singer reportedly became angry, believing the housekeeper was sending the pictures to her father.

Spears had called the Ventura County Sheriff's Department on Aug. 10 to report a theft in connection to her missing dogs, the outlet's sources said. However, when the cops arrived, she reportedly had a change of heart and sent them away.

Sources with direct knowledge of the incident claimed to TMZ later that Jamie was "totally in the dark on what goes on in her home" because "he's been shut out."

Britney Spears has been fighting her father through the courts in a bid to end his control over her finances
Britney Spears has been fighting her father through the courts in a bid to end his control over her finances AFP / VALERIE MACON