Britney Spears
Britney on Good Morning America Reuters

Britney attacks paparazzi in her new video for 'I Wanna Go.' This is approximately the 9 millionth time BritBrit has slammed the paparazzi in a song/video ('My Perogative,' 'Piece of Me').

The video shows Britney dressed in a white leather jacket, spike studded boots and a short skirt. Her hair is pink! Britney spends most of the video getting up to shenanigans. She flashes a cop! In front of a child! She stands on taxis! She screams obscenities at the media!

But it's funny. And the first 40 seconds are hilarious only because Britney calls a dude wearing a crown 'cool.'

Britney looks great in the video which is kind of boring (you know, the usual dancing, gyrating, belly bearing stuff) until the end when it turns out these paparazzi dudes are actuall terminator-type alien cyborg things. Britney thinks she finally escaped them so she begins dancing awkwardly in a convertible but it turns out her driver is also one of these creatures. She finds out because he blows a circuit pouring milk all over himself for reasons unbeknowst to anyone (probably not even Britney) unless she got ad money from the dairy farmers of America.

Either way, it's safe to say that Britney's back... for now.