• BTS members Jin, Jungkook and J-Hope playfully reveal some behind-the-scenes cuts regarding Suga's new solo track as Agust D
  • Agust D, also known as Suga's rap alter ego and other stage name, made a comeback with his second solo mixtape "D-2"
  • Jin, Jungkook and J-Hope all confessed that they have been "begged" by Suga to cameo in his solo MV

Suga’s fellow BTS members have revealed some behind-the-scenes takes of his new music video.

BTS members Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook are playfully exposing the true personality of co-member Suga by sharing the behind-the-scenes of his Agust D’s “Daechwita” music video shoot. With stories revealing what really happened during the shoot, Suga’s three bandmates have shamelessly played around with the 27-year-old rapper-singer.

For those unaware, Agust D is Suga’s other stage name and was initially also the title of his first solo mixtape back in 2016. The BTS member reportedly made another solo comeback carrying the name of his rap alter ego in his second mixtape “D-2,” accompanied by a music video for its title track, “Daechwita.”

Immediately within two days of release, Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook all jokingly divulged Suga’s true personality through snippets of his new music video. In one clip of his “Daechwita” MV, members Jin and Jungkook are seen in cameos as villagers who both get into fisticuffs in the middle of the street.

Jin revealed that it was Suga who had previously “begged” them to appear in “BTS Episode” known as “EPISODE” —a behind the scenes take that features the members of the K-pop septet group that show their experiences, music video shoots and award shows among many others.

“Don’t think of us as BTS. We are the actors Kim Seokjin [Jin’s real name] and Jungkook.” Jin quipped, “Yoongi [Suga’s real name] begged us to appear just once.”

Jungkook, who was sitting right beside Jin, didn’t seem to confirm the revelation while also failing to deny it either. And though nothing was totally certain regarding the BTS member’s utterance, Suga wasn’t around to respond to whether or not the claim was true.

Meanwhile, it also seems as if Jin and Jungkook weren’t the only ones whom the Suga had allegedly “begged.” J-hope also shared that he was asked to come by the BTS member himself during the broadcast of “Suga DJ’s Honey FM 06.13” on May 23 (Saturday).

“Yes, as soon as I arrived, I saw Jin and Jungkook participating as cameos. Actually, Yoongi constantly asked me to come!” J-Hope revealed, laughing. “He really wanted me to visit the place.”

But compared to Jin's playful confession where Suga wasn't physically present to deny or affirm the claim, the BTS member was there to contradict J-Hope's statement, immediately jumping to reject him and said, "No way! No, no. I didn’t put any pressure on you. You’re exaggerating.”

See more of the behind-the-scenes video of Agust D’s “Daechwita” music video shoot below.

BTS arrives at the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, 2020 in Los Angeles. Steve Granitz/WireImage