• BTS ranked No.1 on Billboard’s "Hot 100" Chart with "Dynamite"
  • BTS achieved the No.1 ranking for the first time on Jungkook’s birthday
  • Jimin tweeted out to fans to express his emotions and thank fans

South Korean boy band BTS earned the No.1 spot on Billboard’s "Hot 100" chart with its latest single "Dynamite," on Sept. 1. BTS member Jimin was so excited when he got to know this that he couldn't sleep, and took to Twitter to express his delight.

BTS just landed its first No.1 song on Billboard’s "Hot 100" chart with "Dynamite" and it’s extra special as it also happened to be on Jungkook’s birthday. BTS members and the BTS Army have a lot to celebrate as Jungkook’s wish to make it to No.1 on the chart came true in the best way possible, thanks to their effort and fan support.

"Dynamite" is the septet’s first-ever single to debut at No.1 on the chart. To celebrate this achievement, members Jin, RM, and Suga took to Weverse, a fan community platform, to express their gratitude, whereas, J-Hope and Jimin got on to Twitter to convey their feelings.

J-Hope tweeted out a birthday message to Jungkook and also thanked the fans for their support and love.

"Happy birthday to your maknae! Hyung loves you very much! Congrats to our members for making number one on Billboard. I am happy because I am with you guys! And ARMY! You know that we are so grateful and that we love you all the most, right? ARMY needs to be congratulated too! I love all my people that have been by my side," he tweeted.

To this, Jimin replied by saying "I’m still crying hyung."

J-Hope further mentioned he couldn’t hold back his tears as well and felt the same way Jimin did. Following this, Jimin took to Twitter and sent out a series of messages to their fans, thanking them for making this a reality. He ended up staying awake all night as he was still in shock and couldn't fall asleep.

"Just as Suga said, thank you and thank you again. I’m sorry I don’t know what to write….The tears keep coming…," he tweeted while adding that he was still in shock and couldn’t fall asleep.

"Reality needs to kick in before I can fall asleep."

"My mind is so crazy right now but you guys made this happen so you need to be congratulated. I hope you feel happy about this achievement. Thank you and thank you again," he further tweeted.