Fans of Rockstar Game’s “Bully” will want to hear this. Rumor has it that Rockstar Games is working on “Bully 2” alongside “GTA 6.”

As you all know, numerous rumors have surfaced claiming that a sequel to “Bully” was in development. However, years later and it seems like none of the rumors turned out to be true. That is, until, a new rumor claiming that the developer is hard at work on “Bully 2,” and one that claims to know a few details about the project.

According to Reddit user, u/JackOLantern1982, players will once again be put in the shoes of Jimmy Hopkins in the sequel. In “Bully 2,” the focus will be on Jimmy Hopkins’ experience as a freshman in university. This mostly lines up with previous leaks and rumors about the fame.

“Yes. Play as Jimmy. You’re a freshman. University. That’s all I got told about that”

That being said, a lot of people have reported that there seems to be a gaping hole in this rumor as back in March, Gerry Rosenthal, the voice actor of Jimmy, claimed that while he would love to make a sequel, Rockstar games has yet to contact him about such a project. Rosenthal could, of course, be fibbing or it could be that it’s possible he won’t be reprising the role. Seeing as Jimmy is older now, Rockstar Games may opt for a different voice actor,

U/JackOLantern1982 has stated that this information comes from two of his friends who work for Kotaku and PC Gamer, and another friend who works for Rockstar. Many were quick to point out that the user had no previous rumors confirmed to be true.

While “Bully” fans may want to believe this rumor to be true, it is still important to take it with a grain of salt. Plenty of rumors end up disappointing those who choose to believe in it. All things aside, it would be nice to see a sequel to the fan-favorite game “Bully.”

Just a few weeks ago, there were also reported rumors and leaks about “GTA 6” including a possible female protagonist, location, and more. It seems like this will be a busy year for Rockstar Games.

Screenshot from the trailer for "Bully." "Bully," which came out last 2006, is a favorite among fans of Rockstar Games. A new rumor has sprouted claiming that the developer is working on a sequel to the fan-favorite.