Bungie offered a first look Thursday of all the new gear Guardians will be able to chase with the return of “Destiny 2’s” seasonal event, “The Dawning.”

Serving as “Destiny 2’s” version of Christmas and New Year’s, “The Dawning” will see seasonal vendor Eva Levante return to a snow covered Tower to provide plenty of new gear for which Guardians can grind. Like 2018’s “The Dawning,” Levante will provide Guardians with personal ovens to bake treats specific to the different vendors across the game’s worlds that, in turn, will provide rewards for the tasty treats.

As with other seasonal events in “Destiny 2,” there will be plenty of new gear for Guardians to grind toward. The centerpiece will be the Cold Front, a new submachine gun with a “Dawning” themed paintjob. Like other seasonal weapons, players will be able to earn multiple versions as they hunt for the one that has the perfect stat and perk roll.

Players will be able to travel around the universe in style with a new “Dawning” themed sparrow and ship. There also will be plenty of holiday-centric gear available to buy with silver in the Eververse store, including new ghost shells, armor ornaments, and emotes.

Anyone who missed out on 2018’s “Dawning” will also be pleased to hear that Bungie will be bringing back that gear as well to earn or buy.

However, no mention was made of a seasonal activity, similar to the Haunted Forest from October’s “Festival of the Lost." This could be due to “Season of Dawn” beginning on Tuesday, becoming available to season pass owners or to purchase for $10.

“The Dawning” is free and will be available to all players starting on Dec. 17.

A new report claims Bungie hinted that "Destiny 2: Season Of The Undying" will soon feature Vex, time-travel, and more. FREDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images