From success to struggle then booming success again, the exciting entrepreneurial journey of Matthew Cohen and his company, Noble Funding

Matthew Cohen and his company, Noble Funding, share a long history of riding the peaks and valleys of American entrepreneurialism. Noble Funding provides working capital and expansion capital for companies with $3 million to $250 million in annual revenue. Financing a company properly can make or break their very existence. The ideal debt structure of a well-advised company can smooth out cash flow, aid expansion efforts, and keep interest expense low. The less interest a business pays out to their lenders, the more profit falls to their bottom line.

Twitter Says Layoffs To Begin Friday

A company-wide email seen by AFP says Twitter employees will receive word via email at the start of business Friday, California time, as to what their fate is.

Why Uber Doesn't Make Money

With lockdowns over, Uber is back. Ridership is soaring, but the company has yet to make any money to show its stockholders.