Elon Musk is offering anyone who buys one of his Boring hats a chance to see his Boring tunnels and drive his Boring machine in California.

The innovator tweeted Thursday that 10 “hat aficionados” who purchased one of his Boring hats would be picked at random to tour the Boring tunnel and drive the machine that’s created it. The announcement might be an attempt to get all 50,000 of the hats sold, effectively generating $1 million for the company

On Monday, he jokingly tweeted that after the hat sales were over, he would move on to selling Boring flamethrowers next. His last update on how many of the $20 hats were sold was on Tuesday, and at that time the company had made 35,000 hat sales.

Depending on when the 10 names are chosen, the chances of being one of the 10 people will be small. Musk told people on Twitter that buying multiple hats would increase their chances of winning, that the 10 chosen ones will be picked from all hat sales, even those who ordered before he made the announcement and that the hats will ship “pretty much anywhere.

This isn’t the first prize he’s offered to those who purchase his hats. In early December, Musk told his followers that every 5,000th buyer will get a free hat that’s signed by the delivery guy. He also clarified that the special delivery would happen “within the the real, but fictional (of course), tunnel we are building under LA while you drive the giant machine blindfolded. This will actually happen.

Presumably, that means 20 Boring hat owners will be in California to see the tunnel they helped fund and will get to drive the Boring machine. That machine is the one working to create a network of tunnels that will eventually be used for travel. Musk’s plan is to create a network where cars can travel on skates at top speeds below all the traffic of the city. Currently, the only tunnel in the works is in Hawethorne, California, where The Boring Company has its headquarters. Though Musk is looking to expand the tunnels to Los Angeles, Chicago and the East Coast. This projects are still in development and pending approval however.