Cabin. Woods. Young campers. Joss Whedon. What more could you ask for in a horror flick?

On Monday, Whedon and company released the first trailer for Lionsgate's The Cabin in the Woods. And it does not disappoint.

Directed by Drew Goddard (who co-wrote the script with Whedon), The Cabin in the Woods follows a group of young campers as they take their RV into unmarked roads and find themselves in a cabin like no other.

That's the whole point, get off the grid right? says one character in the trailer.

Like the stereotypical horror flick, there is a twist. There are outside sources controlling the cabin's booby traps and monster-looking creatures, complete with a control board and surveillance cameras. Or are they being controlled by the creatures? And what's with the eagle not being able to fly into the cabin's radius?

They have come to the killing floor, someone announces at one point.

Whedon, who also serves as the producer for The Cabin in the Woods, teams up again with Chris Hemsworth.

Hemsworth, of course, starred as the title character in the Whedon-directed Thor earlier this year, and will return as the superhero in The Avengers, which has Whedon written all over it (screenwriter, director, producer).

The Cabin in the Woods also stars Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under, The Visitor), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) and Fran Kranz (Dollhouse).

The new trailer should be making Whedon fans very happy. While The Cabin in the Woods was filmed back in 2009, the picture did not get an official release date until recently, mainly due to the bankruptcy of its original distributor, MGM (which filed for Chapter 11 in November 2010). Lionsgate took over and acquired distribution rights in July.

MGM's other last film is a remake of the 1984 war film Red Dawn, also starring Hemsworth. FilmDistrict is gearing up for a Nov. 2, 2012 release.

Scroll down for the first trailer for Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods, courtesy of Yahoo! The film opens on Apr. 13, 2012.