Californians can now get a haircut if they have one performed outside. Gov. Gavin Newsom made the announcement Monday that personal care services, such as hair salons and nail salons, can operate outdoors as the state sees its coronavirus count rise.

“Turns out, without getting into too many details, but issues of chemical and shampoos, perms, it was more complicated than some had considered, particularly as it related to local ordinances and rules and regulations that were in place,” Newsom said in a news briefing.

The new guidelines allow personal care services to operate with required face masks, enhanced sanitation procedures, and social distancing measures in addition to complying with the code requirements of the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Tattooing, electrolysis, and piercing is still prohibited from being performed outdoors based on the hygienic environment needed to perform these procedures.

Newsom said during the briefing that conducting personal care activities outdoors is considered a lower risk for contracting the coronavirus than if they were performed indoors.

The changes come just days after Newsom reclosed bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and other nonessential businesses, preventing them from operating indoors as the state saw its coronavirus cases approaching 400,000, with over 7,700 deaths as of Tuesday morning, Johns Hopkins University reported.

Salon Haircut
Image: An individual getting a haircut at a salon. Pixabay