A Taco shop in Whittier, California, has extended a helping hand to frontline fighters of the viral coronavirus pandemic and the community by selling masks and food grains to address the dire need right now.

Masataco, in 14103 Lambert Rd, started selling NK-95 masks, which they bought from China, food grains from April 3.

Mastaco, which used to be hotspot, thronged by officials from FBI, and at least eight different police departments for their excellent vegan tacos, has sold over 1 million face masks, 40,000 pounds of rice, 25,000 pounds of pinto beans, 10,000 pounds of lentils, and 25,000 pounds of Peruvian beans, in just a span of three days, L.A Taco reported.

The undertaking also appears to be a survival strategy amid the widespread lockdowns. “It was either survive or close down and have my employees go home with no money," shop owner David Fuertes told ABC7. "Never in a million years would I think that I would be surviving off essentials, you know, it's crazy. It's mind blowing."

People and first responders alike were turning to them for tons of affordable food and millions of masks. The supply of masks has been a welcome relief when California is confronted with a critical shortage of them, with most hospitals resorting to seamstresses in Los Angeles' garment district.

Even though the drive-through service has spurred people to line up in the street, the shop posted about the closure of the same Wednesday afternoon following a discussion with Whittier Police about public safety. Customers can still avail the service given they park their car and maintain social distancing as they wait in line.

Fuertes estimated that about 35% of the masks sold have gone to police departments, 30% to federal agents, 25% to hospital personnel and the remaining 30% went to the community. It was just a day after the FDA issuing renewed guidelines approving the use of KN95 masks, the shop ramped up its stock to sell the masks at three dollar a piece.

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