Guy Fieri
Celebrity chef Guy Fieri, the honorary pace car driver, awaits the start of the Indianapolis 500 auto race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 27, 2012. Reuters/Jeff Haynes

Max Wade, a northern California man who was convicted in October for stealing a celebrity chef's Lamborghini, and attempted murder, was sentenced to life in prison plus 21 years and four months, on Thursday.

Wade was charged in Marin County Superior Court and reportedly, the life term could possibly end after 17 years, if Wade is granted parole at the time.

The Marin Independent Journal reported that the 19-year-old was found guilty of stealing chef Guy Fieri’s $200,000 Lamborghini in 2011 when the car was parked in a San Francisco dealership.

He was also found guilty for the attempted murder of the boyfriend of a girl on whom he had a crush. According to reports, in April 2012, Wade opened fire at Eva Dedier and her boyfriend, Landon Wahlstrom, of San Rafael, Calif., who were in a vehicle, but missed them both.

According to reports, police recovered Fieri’s Lamborghini in a storage unit along with the gun and motorcycle he had used in the attempted murder.

Wade was 16 at the time of his first crime but he was prosecuted as an adult because it was argued that he used the stolen car to impress Dedier and stored it in the same place where he kept the motorcycle, gun and clothing that he used in the attempted murder, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“He still is a very violent and sophisticated criminal,” Yvette Martinez-Shaw, Marin County deputy district attorney, told Channel 7. “The sentencing is entirely appropriate. The punishment fits the crime.”