• "Call of Duty: Warzone" is getting a new game mode for Season Three
  • However, the mode could affect the player count in the battle royal game
  • The new updates will roll out on April 8

“Call of Duty: Warzone” is set to get more exciting and competitive with the addition of a new game mode in Season Three.

With the latest season kicking off on April 8, Activision detailed its wealth of additional contents that are set to be added into Warzone and Modern Warfare. However, one that stands out the most in the upcoming update is the arrival of Quads.

In the new mode, players will be able to compete in the battle royale with a team of four. It also affects Plunder mode, as Activision noted that teams can collect cash at a much faster rate given the number of players.

Sure enough, having a bigger team isn’t easy. Teamwork and strategizing are even more essential in Quads since losing a player put the team at a big disadvantage.

It is still unknown, however, how this new mode will affect the player count since only 150 players can join a battle. This could either lead to an increase or decrease in the number of players in one battle.

This update is a welcome development for players who have been searching for some good news on Warzone for some time now.

“Call of Duty: Warzone” has been riddled with a number of issues in recent weeks, from an in-game feature to cheating and hacking in the game.

To recall, several players complained about the overpowered vehicles in Warzone which creates an unfair advantage. Players noted that vehicles’ hit boxes are broken in the game, as they can kill players even if it looks like they are far or out of range.

Another issue is the cheating and hacking in the game, particularly the use of aimbots. There is also one recorded instance when a player was caught on camera appearing to have unlimited deaths.

Activision has already addressed the cheating issue, even releasing a statement that they have already banned over 50,000 players found to cheat in the game. They have also tightened their protocols to ensure that cheating and hacking will be prevented in the game.

“Call of Duty: Warzone” is increasing in popularity as one of the better battle royale games in the market, and while there have been issues here and there, it’s clear Activision is working to resolve the issues and improve the game – as the latest update shows.

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