Taylor Swift Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift's blonde locks made Calvin Harris turn her down in a game on a radio show. Reuters

Calvin Harris is Taylor Swift’s latest rumored boyfriend, but it seems she isn’t his usual type. In November, the DJ said he’d ignore the pop star if he saw her on the popular dating app Tinder, according to Us Weekly.

Harris, 31, played a game on a Captial FM where the hosts showed him photos of famous women, and he had to say if he’d swipe left (to turn them down) or swipe right (to show he is interested). When Swift, 25, came up on the screen, Harris said he would have to swipe left.

“She’s not—She’s just the opposite of my type,” Harris said. “She looks lovely. She’s just the opposite of my type, so I would go left.”

Later, he said that he dates brunettes more often. However, that statement doesn’t mean he'd date Nicki Minaj. He also swiped left on the rapper because he is “a bit scared of that.”

Watch the interview with Harris below:

It’s possible that a trio of brunettes introduced Harris to the “Blank Space” singer. The DJ currently has a song featuring the band Haim, who are good friends with Swift. TMZ reports that the ladies of Haim --Este, Danielle and Alana Haim -- arranged for the two to meet.

Rumors about Swift and Harris have been circulating since they were spotted together at the Brit Awards in late February, but a recent appearance at a Kenny Chesney concert together majorly fueled the gossip. The two spent most of the night together and were spotted holding hands.