A Cambodia-flagged cargo ship, carrying scrap metal, sank in the stormy waters of Turkey's Black Sea port of Zonguldak Tuesday. The ship was sailing from Russia to the Turkish Aegean port of Aliaga, officials said.

Eight members of the crew are still missing, while three including ship's second and third captain and a female cook have been rescued and taken to the hospital. Turkish coast guard boats are searching for the missing crew members.

There were ten Ukrainians and one Georgian aboard the ship, the Maritime Affairs Directorate said in a statement.

There is hope that the eight will be rescued, said regional Gov. Erol Ayyildiz. They are used to the sea, they are experienced. Therefore, until we reach them, we are assuming that they are alive. The cargo vessel, Vera, tilted to the side due to heavy storm in the sea.

By the time the Coast Guard arrived in response to the distress call, the ship had already sunk, Irfan Erdem, head of the Chamber of Commerce for the region, told Turkey's NTV television.

Turkey was hit by snow storm in the past week and the warning was issued on Tuesday for parts of the Marmara, Black Sea and Aegean, said a shipping agent.