Camila Mendes (L) and Lili Reinhart (M) have their own thoughts about the fashion choices of their “Riverdale” characters, Betty and Veronica. The CW

In the comic books, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge had very distinct fashion preferences. Betty is the proverbial girl next door who likes to have her hair up in a ponytail and wear comfortable sweaters and jeans, while Veronica is the fashion savant who enjoys wearing sexy and trendy ensembles.

In The CW “Riverdale” TV series, Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) are the same way. Mendes told People that she appreciates how the show stays true to the comic book fashions, all the while breathing new life into their personalities.

“I think there’s something to embrace about how consistent they [Betty and Veronica] are and I think that’s what brings it to the comic book world, because the characters are so set in stone,” she said. “We definitely like to explore different facets of their personality, but at the end of the day, what makes it so nostalgic is how true to their selves they are.”

However, Reinhart said she sometimes wish they would try to shake up Betty’s fashion choices. “You have no idea how many times I tried to get our show runners to let me wear something other than sweaters,” she said.

The show runners also refuse to have Betty’s hair down, but she hopes they would eventually fold as the characters evolve.

Meanwhile, Mendes earlier told Racked that her personal style is a lot different from Veronica’s because she prefers clothes that are simple and relaxed.

“Veronica is way more dressy than I will ever be! I’m more laid-back; the less I have to think about my outfits, the better. I prefer to have a bunch of classic pieces I can mix and match, and just keep it simple with minimal jewelry,” she said.

The girls play their characters so well that fans sometimes mistake them as the real Betty and Veronica. However, Reinhart told W Magazine: “I am not Betty Cooper.”

“I’m always going to try to be as happy and grateful to fans, but I’m also just trying to live my life. I don’t have an on switch all of the time. It's something that I am getting used to, or trying to. I don’t know how anyone can get used to that,” she said.