Camilla Parker Bowles always wanted to marry Prince Charles. But on the day of their civil wedding, the Duchess of Cornwall almost skipped their nuptials.

In the book “The Duchess: Camilla Parker Bowles and the Love Affair that Rocked the Crown,” royal author Penny Junor said that Camilla had to be forced out of her bed on her wedding day due to two reasons.

The mom of two felt that she couldn’t marry the heir to the throne and her nerves were all over the place. Camilla was also suffering from sinus infection on the day of her wedding.

But she was finally convinced to get out of her bed after her sister, Annabel, said that she will be the one to wear her wedding gown. Annabel said that she will also be the one to walk down the aisle and marry Prince Charles.

“Slowly, as the day wore on, she relaxed, reassured and supported as always by having her family around,” Junor said.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed previously that Prince Charles and Camilla’s royal wedding was filled with drama. Prior to tying the knot, a poll created by Vanity Fair revealed that only 32 percent of the respondents wanted Prince Charles and Camilla to tie the knot.

After the couple announced their engagement in February 2005, Junor said that the palace was plagued with cruel letters from the public expressing their disgust over the royal couple’s upcoming union.

But despite the public backlash, the former Archbishop of Canterbury gave the couple his blessing to tie the knot. Rowan Williams said that there’s nothing wrong for Prince Charles to wed Camilla because their relationship was still consistent with the guidelines of the Church of England.

Prince Charles and Camilla were supposed to tie the knot on April 8, but they had to push it back another day since Pope John Paul II died on April 8, 2005.

Prince Charles, Camilla
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend the reopening of Hillsborough Castle on April 09, 2019 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson