Another season of "Dancing With the Stars" is coming to a close, and though Season 25 was packed with impressive amounts of celebrity talent, only four teams remain and stand a chance at winning the Mirrorball trophy. While some teams may seem like true front-runners though, others could still have a chance at shocking everyone with a win, and no team seems more poised to do that than Drew Scott and Emma Slater.

Drew and Emma, known as Team Hot Property, seem like the underdogs going in to the final round, and while their judge's scores may put them at a disadvantage, these two could still have a chance at giving Emma her second win, making her the fourth pro overall who has managed to win back-to-back Mirrorball trophies.


Drew Has Improved Since The First Week

When Season 25 first premiered back in September, Drew seemed like a longshot to potentially win. He received the third lowest score of the night with 16 points, falling behind only Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe and Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke. However, he has improved significantly since then, which is a big part of what the show is about, and his scores have never dipped out of the 20s since Week 1.

He Knows How To Put On A Show

Even when his routines have technical errors, Drew has never been boring to watch. He always manages to convey a great character in his dances, and it's believable that he could in fact be the character he's trying to be. While the judges are laser-focused on technicality, viewers often vote based on how entertained they are, and Drew and Emma seem to know how to use that to their advantage.

He Has A Strong Fan Base

Those same viewers who have been entertained by Drew and Emma's dances are the same ones who have likely been voting for them all season long and keeping them safe. They have only been in jeopardy once on the show, but have been safe every other week. Because other celebrities who had higher average scores than them—including Vanessa Lachey, Nikki Bella and Victoria Arlen—have all been eliminated prior, it means their fan base is one that is vigilant, hence their place in the finals. Because viewer votes do account for half of their total scores, if their base is bigger than the ones that Jordan, Lindsey and Frankie all have, then it could be a huge advantage for them in the finals.


His Dance Skills Don't Quite Hold Up Well Compared To The Other Finalists

While Drew has improved over the season, his skills are still not quite up to par when compared with those of his fellow remaining competitors. Technically, Jordan and Lindsay have been the most impressive celebrities all season, and Frankie has also shown some technical strengths. However, Drew has not done so as often.

He Has The Lowest Average Scores From The Judges

Of the "DWTS" finalists, Drew has had the lowest scores from the judges all season long. While Jordan and Lindsey both have averages as high as 26 and 28, and Frankie averages at least a 25, Drew has only managed to score an average of 23 points. That isn't a high average going in to the finale.

He Has Hardly Scored Higher Than An 8

Though Drew has managed to score a few 9s from the judges throughout his time on the show, his best scores have on average consisted of 8s. While those aren't bad scores to get, at this point of the competition, they aren't the greatest either.

History Could Be Against Him And Emma

Most importantly, Drew and Emma's lack of scoring any 10s prior to the final round is something that could work against them, as other teams who have failed to score 10s at this point of the competition don't often beat the front runners. Drew and Emma's only perfect score to date was their Team Dance, but they've failed to achieve that same perfection in their individual routines. While Donny Osmond, Donald Driver and Rashad Jennings all did manage to win Mirrorballs without receiving a perfect score until the finale during their seasons, on average, the eventual winner of the show has received at least one perfect score prior to that point, if not more. Because all three of Season 25's other finalists have done so, it gives them a bigger advantage at winning.

See if Drew and Emma can pull off an unexpected win by tuning in to the two-night "Dancing With the Stars" Season 25 finale event, airing Monday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. EST and Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.