Google's parent company Alphabet previously made a bid to purchase the known wearables company Fitbit for an undisclosed sum, causing the latter's market cap to rise up by more than a million dollars.

The acquisition, previous reports noted, indicated that the Pixel smartphone maker was invested in releasing a smartwatch of its own – and give Wear OS a massive boost, enough so that it can compete with the big names in the smartwatch market, particularly Apple's Apple Watch.

That amount was made known very recently, Android Police reported. The Google owner is said to have offered the wearable and smartwatch maker $2.1 billion, so that it can take advantage of the latter's experience and knowledge when it comes to the wrist-worn devices market.

Will the acquisition be enough to save the ailing Wear OS? Some reasons point to a glaring “no.”

Point #1: Fitbit itself was in trouble to begin with

Android Police noted that compared to other offerings in the market, “ Fitbit's products aren't good.” The company does have some customers, but its products aren't really the best in many aspects. There's not much to look for when it comes to the hardware aspect. Things are worse in the software side of things; Engadget's review of Fitbit's OS on the Versa 2 simply described it as “unintuitive.”

Point #2: Fitbit is already on its last legs

Android Police noted that “Fitbit is an unprofitable, publicly-traded corporation arguably on its last legs.” Google, the site argues, might not be pretty excited to market this brand.

Fitbit might be known for its fitness trackers, but it's not as popular when it comes to the smartwatch arena. Google might be hoping to leverage the company's experience and use its patents and engineers to work on the Pixel Watch, but given the wearable maker's current status, it might not be good to hope on that.

Point #3: Google doesn't seem to have a plan

Google's plans to acquire Fitbit might've been made public, but its plans regarding how the wearables company can help it make Wear OS great remains unknown at the moment.

Still, it's interesting to see what kind of results this acquisition will have. Stay tuned for more details and updates as they come.

Google might soon be able to release a Pixel wearable if it succeeds in acquiring Fitbit. StockSnap / Pixabay