It may seem like Season 28 of “Dancing With the Stars” only just began, but the time has come for the show to make a final curtain call once again with the finals, and only four couples remain and stand a chance at winning the Mirrorball trophy.

While all four teams in the finals of the ABC competition series have worked hard all season to earn their place in the last night of competition, it hasn’t been an easy road. Following changes to the way eliminated teams were chosen and harsher critiques from the judges, anyone has a chance at becoming the champ-including a team that has yet to get even one 10 from the judges—Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko.

Lauren and Gleb, known as Team Tonkeyhonk seem like potentially the biggest underdogs going into the finals since their scores have averaged lower than the ones their remaining competitors have gotten. However, the two could still have a shot at the Mirrorball-here's why.


She Has A Stronger Fanbase

While Lauren and Gleb did land in the Bottom Two just ahead of the semi-finals and were saved by the judges, it’s the only time they ever landed there throughout the season. It also galvanized their fan base during the semifinals, keeping them out of the Bottom Two and securing their place in the finals. While the judges won’t have a final say this time on who wins, the fact that Lauren has been among the teams called safe more weeks than not means she may be able to count on her fans to vote her closer to the overall win.

Gleb Is Overdue For A Win

The last few seasons of “DWTS” have seen the results favoring pros who have not yet won a Mirrorball trophy. The last four pros to win, Emma Slater, Lindsay Arnold, Jenna Johnson and Sharna Burgess, were all first-time title holders after featuring on several seasons with no luck. This is Gleb’s seventh time competing and the second time he has made it this far. Considering the trend involving pros, this could be a big advantage for Team Tonkeyhonk.

Lauren Has Improved

While she has yet to get a single 10 from the judges, there is no question that Lauren has improved as a dancer overall throughout the season. After initially earning 6s and 7s in the first few weeks, she managed to start scoring 8s. In the last two weeks, her scores have heavily leaned on 9s, with only a few 8s in the mix. This is a massive improvement from where she was when the competition started, and that could be rewarded during the final week by show purists, who tend to want the most improved dancer to win.


Hannah’s Fan Base May Be More Avid Voters

DWTS Lauren and Gleb
Gleb and Lauren may not win“Dancing With the Stars” because another celeb has a stronger fan base. ABC/Eric McCandless

However, there is something else that could easily stand in her way. While Lauren has a decent fanbase voting for her (as do all of the finalists), only one other competitor has a better streak when it comes to the risk of being eliminated. Hannah Brown has never found herself in the Bottom Two—which could be an indicator of just how she will fare. If her fan base proves to be the biggest and best, it could give her the advantage she needs to win, meaning Lauren and the other finalists will have to settle for other places.

See if Lauren and Gleb can pull off a win by tuning in to the “Dancing With the Stars” Season 28 finale, airing Monday, Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.