Captain America end credits
“Captain America: Civil War” post-credits scenes feature characters who will be headlining their own movies soon. Marvel

If you left the theater as soon as the credits started roliing after “Captain America: Civil War,” you must be new here. Marvel movies are famous for their post-credits scenes, and more recently, they’ve added mid-credits clips. If you didn’t stick around after the lights came on, you missed Marvel setting up a couple of future movies.

The mid-credits scene takes place in a fancy lab in Wakanda. Bucky (Sebastian Stan), who is still missing an arm, is going to be frozen again. After seeing how easily Zemo (Daniel Brühl) triggered his brainwashing, he doesn’t want to take any risk. As long as Hydra has power over him, Bucky is a danger to others. “I can’t trust my own mind,” he says. He goes into a cryo chamber.

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is providing Bucky with this sanctuary. Steve (Chris Evans) thanks him, but he also warns that people are looking for Bucky. If anyone ever finds out that he is here, they’ll attack. “Let them try,” T’Challa says. Outside, we see a massive statue of a black panther in the middle of a jungle.

It looks like Black Panther will protect Bucky. Depending on how quickly his scientists figure out how to reverse the brainwashing, audiences could see Bucky in “Black Panther,” due out in February 2018. But nothing about the film’s plot has yet been confirmed.

As previously rumored, the post-credits scene sets up a different hero’s story. Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is back home in Queens. He plays with a web shooter on his wrist that Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) gave him while May (Marisa Tomei) gets ice for his black eye. He hides the gadget as soon as she comes into his room.

Aunt May asks who he got into a fight with. He tells her that it was some guy named Steve. “You don’t know him,” Peter says, “He’s from Brooklyn.” He adds that Steve’s friend was “huge,” a reference to Ant-Man’s short run as Giant-Man. (Kudos for technically not lying, Peter!) May leaves him alone again, and Peter figures out how to work his new toy. The gadget projects an image of Spider-Man’s eyes onto his ceiling, and it looks like some sort of computer interface. “Spider-Man will return,” a title card warns.

That probably won’t be the last gadget he gets from Iron Man. The hero is set to appear in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” due out July 2017.