Cardi B has revealed why she never hired a nanny for her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus. Apparently, she was too afraid to let anyone outside the family be around her child, who is now 4 years old.

The 29-year-old rapper recalled in a recent interview that she was in the earlier stage of her career and hadn't released a single album when she got pregnant with her daughter. She said everybody was nervous about her career, but told them she would simply hire a nanny so she could travel anywhere with her child.

"There weren't a lot of artists out there who had babies at the beginning of their career. I didn't have an album out when I found out I was pregnant," Cardi B told Vogue Singapore Monday. "Everybody was so nervous for my career and future, but I kept telling them, 'It's easy. Trust me, I'm going to have a nanny and she's going to travel up and down with me.'"

"'It's not even going to be a hassle,'" the rapper recalled saying to her loved ones at that time.

However, she had a change of heart once Kulture was born. "When the baby got here, I couldn't even think about getting a nanny because I was afraid of anybody being around her besides my family," she explained. "I've never had a nanny for Kulture."

The rapper went on to share that though she gets help from her parents in raising her kids, she still makes sure she isn't far from them. That's because she believes her parents already went through a lot raising their own children and they don't have the same amount of energy as someone would in their 20s.

"Your parents have already lived their life and raised their kids," Cardi B explained. "They are older and don't have the same energy as someone in their 20s. I'm never far from my kids because that's my responsibility as a mother."

Besides Kulture, Cardi B also shares a son named Wave Set Cephus with her husband Offset.

The boy hasn't been well these days, so she has been busy taking care of him. According to the rapper, this makes her think about how her own mother used to take care of her and her sister whenever they would get sick as children.

"It's been very stressful," she said. "I've been up all night and all day with my baby for the past two days — but what can you do, you know?"

"I'm exhausted. I've been overwhelmed and scared. I started to think about how my mum had to go through this a lot because my sister and I used to always fall sick at the same time," she recalled. "I've never appreciated my mum more — having kids helps you see things a little bit different."

Cardi B
ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 28: Cardi B attends Hawks vs Nets After Party at Gold Room on February 28, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage