Who knew? Cate Blanchett, who plays the evil stepmother in Kenneth Branagh-directed "Cinderella," starring Lily James in the title role, displayed a rarely seen raunchy side in an interview with Jonathan Hyla of Australian show "The Project." Alternately laughing and acting disgusted with the interviewer, Oscar-winning Blanchett dropped f-bombs while talking sex and vodka with Hyla, at one point, yelling, "This is a family movie. What are we talking about?!"

“I’ve never had the pleasure of interviewing you,” Hyla says in the video clip he embedded on Twitter. “That’s because I keep saying no,” responds Blanchett, who manages to keep a straight face.

When Hyla asks what kind of drink he should have brought to the interview, which Blanchett quips is "like speed dating, only slower," she responds, "There’s a great potato vodka called Cow, I think. It comes from Devon. If you really loved me, you’d go to Devon and get me some." While viewers no doubt reeled from seeing Blanchett as they never had before, she adds, "If you really want the sex to be good, you’d get the vodka."

The faux interview devolves from there, and although the U.K. Daily Mail presented the interview as straight rather than tongue-in-cheek, according to Gawker, a statement from "The Project" indicated that "Hyla and Cate Blanchett share the same wicked sense of humor." Hyla also shared unaired footage of the interview on Twitter to counter what it called those "misrepresenting" the interview.