The season 2 premiere of MTV's “Catfish” got fans talking with one of the most shocking hoaxes to date. Nev Schulman, the 28-year-old producer and host of the show, along with his friend and filmmaker Max Joseph, began the first episode of the second season by introducing Cassie and Steve to the world.

Schulman and Joseph are drawn to Cassie’s story after finding out that she proposed to Steven without ever meeting him in person. As is typical with “Catfish” tales, besides never meeting him in person, Cassie's seen only a few pictures of her fiancé and has never even talked with him through a webcam.

But Cassie’s story goes a little deeper. She began to drink heavily and engage in promiscuous behavior after her father died in 2010. She met Steven soon after and claims he helped her better herself. Even though there are plenty of things she could have done to verify if Steven was real without Schulman’s help, Cassie decided to wait until “Catfish” to figure out whether or not she was being played.

One of the red flags Schulman picks up on right away is that Steven claims to be a recording artist who is always traveling or in the studio, so he has no time to talk, but he can’t find any of his music on the Internet. Also, after talking with him for more than two years, Cassie has seen only 10 pictures of her supposed fiancé.

One of the most cringeworthy parts of the episode comes when Cassie tells the MTV crew she and Steven have phone sex. It’s not long before the guys discover the so-called pictures of Steven are actually of a model with a very different name who has more than 7,000 likes on Facebook. Eventually they discover the man she has been talking to is her best friend Gladys’ cousin.

Cassie is heartbroken to hear the news, but things get even worse when she confronts Gladys to see if she knew anything about what her cousin was doing. It turns out that Gladys was the one who created the Steven Facebook page to try and pull her friend away from bad behavior and that her cousin was only talking to Cassie as a “favor.”

The strangest part of the episode comes at the end. Cassie was actually able to forgive her friend and told Schulman she was trying to salvage their friendship.

Twitter naturally had plenty to say about the episode, Gladys’ deception specifically:

"Catfish" airs on MTV every Tuesday at 10/9c.