In a recent interview for People, "CBS This Morning" host Gayle King revealed the nicest thing that longtime friend Oprah Winfrey ever did for her.

It was the first holiday that King was going to be spending alone after her 1993 divorce from William Bumpus. Her children, Kirby and William, were set to be spending the time with their father, so the journalist had come to believe that she would not have anyone to share New Year's Eve with that year.

"I was talking to Oprah on the phone that morning, and I said, 'What are you guys doing?' And, she told me something," the TV personality recounted.

As she settled in to prepare for her night alone, the doorbell rang. Oprah and Stedman [Graham] had arrived four hours later to keep her company. "She had been planning to come. I didn't know that," King, 64, said.

When asked how they spent the night, the host said, "We went grocery shopping because Stedman liked to cook spaghetti. We went grocery shopping, got all the stuff to make spaghetti. He cooked. We had spaghetti that night. I said, 'I can't believe you guys were here.' That was something that I'll never, ever, ever forget," she concluded.

Years later, Gayle would return the favor for Oprah after hearing "The Color Purple" actress say she felt "wounded" during a phone conversation. King immediately hopped on a plane and traveled to Winfrey's home. Just like how Oprah had shown up for her, King arrived unannounced.

"I can't stay, but I just wanted to see your face," she told Winfrey, adding, "You said you felt wounded. I had never heard you use the word wounded before."

This is certainly not the only time that King has discussed their long-standing friendship. Recently, she also exposed what Oprah had privately told her about running for president. Safe to say all of these stories provide a welcome behind-the-scenes look for fans into the friendship of these two successful women.

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