In a feature for The Hollywood Reporter, Gayle King has a lot to say. Aside from discussing her job at "CBS This Morning," the scandal involving Charlie Rose, and that R. Kelly interview, King also discussed the last private conversation she had with her longtime friend Oprah Winfrey about a potential presidential run.

"She had just given a speech at Diane von Furstenberg's where they opened up the museum at the Statue of Liberty, and it was so good. I said, 'You know, you give speeches like that it just gives more fuel to us who really think it's something you should consider,'" the television host recalled.

"I was instantly slapped down, and not in a good way," she concluded.

Winfrey's dismissal likely will not come as a shock to anyone who has followed the mogul's comments on a potential entrance into the political realm. The concept of "#Oprah2020" was initially conceived due to her Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance at the 2018 Golden Globes. "The Color Purple" actress addressed the unexpected reception garnered by the speech in an October 2018 Oprah Magazine column.

"Oprah 2020 was never my aim. My life's goal is to be of service to a greater good. Wherever that calling takes me, I've always been willing to go," she said. "A world where all humans have value. Where the number one goal is elevating humanity. That, I do strive for."

Gayle King
Gayle King at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Feb. 24, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images