• Episode 14 of "A Certain Scientific Railgun T" delayed
  • The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the postponement
  • Episode 13 will be re-broadcasted on Friday (May 8)

“A Certain Scientific Railgun T” official website announced that episode 14 would not air Friday (May 8). The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a major obstacle for the anime industry.

This article contains spoilers from “A Certain Scientific Railgun T” episodes.

Several production houses are forced to halt the production of new anime episodes of the currently running series. The coronavirus pandemic has yet again delayed the broadcast of new “A Certain Scientific Railgun T” episodes. According to the official statement, episode 14, which is titled “Dragon Strike,” will be postponed.

Earlier, episode 13 of the anime was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The statement revealed that the team will re-broadcast “A Certain Scientific Railgun T” episode 13, titled “SYSTEM,” in place of episode 14.

Meanwhile, in the newly released episode 13, Shirai Kuroko is seen looking for Kozaku Mitori. Kuroko recalls that she destroyed her puppet’s camera at the start and left her echolocation unusable with her anti-listening tools. Despite her covering the puppet’s eyes and ears, the puppet knew her exact location. She used it to attack Kuroko.

Somehow, Kuroko knows that Mitori was watching her from the upper floors.

Meanwhile, Saten Ruiko is able to come up with a plan to expose Kozaku’s secret. Kozaku has hijacked a festival relay camera to spy on Kuroko. She has used it to control Liquid Shadow.

Even with any echolocation, she could track and monitor the situation remotely. The puppet continues to attack Kuroko as she tries to locate Mitori’s location.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto continues her rampage as Sogiita and Kamijou try to stop her. Elsewhere, Misaki uses the Mental Out on herself to destroy the codes for Exterior stored in her brain.

“Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities—and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move—make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. In this city full of super-powered gangs, mad scientists, and monsters—there’s no shortage of action!” the official series synopsis via Crunchyroll.

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