Dancing Robot
A dancing robot in the TP-Link section stole Day One of CES 2012. IBTimes

Las Vegas -- Although it might not been much different from robots we've seen in the past, the dancing robot by the TP-LINK section stole the first day of the 2012 International CES.

The dancing robot developed a massive following at the end of the day when the International Business Times finally spotted it. No one at TP-Link or Robot Masterminds, which was following the robot around in lab coats, had any real information or knowledge about the massive robot.

Based on dancing robots we've seen in the past, we'd surmise that there was a person inside of the robot suit controlling its actions, but that didn't stop it from being an incredibly entertaining experience to watch a massive robot engage in dance-offs with random bystanders. The robot grooved to Gym Class Heroes' Stereo Hearts and other popular songs while maneuvering around a tight space.

The massive dancing robot -- seemingly inspired by the movie Real Steel -- wasn't the only robot to draw attention at CES, though. MINIROBOT's ROBONOVA2 turned heads when it was displayed performing dance moves to Girls' Generation.

TOSY Robotics, who will likely steal Wednesday's buzz with a Justin Bieber appearance, also debuted some dancing robots. TOSY showed off the DiscoRobo on Tuesday, but it's the Bieber debut of another unknown robot that has everyone at the Las Vegas Convention Center buzzing.

We've have full coverage of the Bieber debut on Wednesday afternoon, but first enjoy video of the massive robot breaking it down for a collection of adoring fans.