LG dedicated its 2016 Consumers Electronics Show announcement to show off the G6, an Ultra-HD TV with a screen that's just 0.11-inch thick. Eric Gonon/International Business Times

LAS VEGAS — It wasn’t a smartphone, wearable or drone but an outrageously thin TV that stole the show at LG’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show announcement Tuesday. The new Ultra HD TV has a frame that’s just 0.11-inches thick — about the width of four stacked credit cards.

The G6, as the device is formally known, is part of the new “LG Signature” line of upscale, elegant appliances. To achieve the TV’s slim fit, LG uses an OLED display. That technology allows the screen to create its own colors without the need for a backlight, removing a lot of bulk from the TV’s frame.

“LG Signature delivers a perfect picture of OLED TV on an elegant, glass body,” said David VanderWaal, LG senior marketing leader. “Quite literally, ladies and gentlemen, it’s picture on glass.”

Down below, however, the gizmo gets much thicker. It sits on a large, forward-facing speaker sound bar. LG said this portion of the TV was included to ensure customers do not have to sacrifice sound in exchange for the thin and stylish TV screen.

“With the speakers pointing forward, not downward like many thin TVs, viewers will hear clean, detailed audio without any distortion and reflection,” LG said in a statement. “The sound bar system is equipped with extra woofers to bolster the power of the speakers, setting LG OLED TVs apart from other stylish, ultra-thin TVs.”

The G6 is slated to go on sale later this year and will be available in both 65 and 77-inch screen sizes. No firm price points or a release date have been given.