LG has just revealed that it will be showcasing its artificial intelligence solution for its upcoming high-end TVs at CES 2018 next week. The South Korean electronics company is also showing off its advanced image processor at the Las Vegas exhibition. 

On Wednesday, LG took to its online newsroom to announce its ThinQ AI and its new image processor for its upgraded OLED and SUPER UHD TVs. The main goal behind the first invention is to make it easier for consumers to interact and remotely control their televisions. On the other hand, the latter is designed to ensure that the picture quality and viewing experience of the new television screens will be unrivalled in the industry. 

LG says its ThinQ AI will offer an enhanced interactive experience with its new smart TV lineup. The technology is based on LG’s own deep learning technology, DeepThinQ, so connectivity with the new TVs should go smoothly. Owners will be able to control their TV by speaking directly into the remote control.

The advanced voice assistant technology would also extend to other smart home products. ThinQ will transform TVs into smart home hubs, so users can control robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, smart lights, air purifiers, smart speakers and other smart devices connected to any of the high-end TVs via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

LG also pointed out another advantage that its ThinQ AI brings when it said, “With a dramatically streamlined setup process, viewers can easily and quickly connect to gaming consoles and external soundbars. Users can search for information, images or videos featuring specific content by making a verbal request through the TV’s remote control such as ‘show me all the movies this actor has starred in’ or ‘show me yoga videos.’”

Meanwhile, LG’s newest α (Alpha) 9 processor is made to enhance the picture quality of the V30 maker’s upcoming OLED and Super UHD TVs. The processor provides true-to-life images with rich colors and sharp details for a very realistic user experience. The processor’s standout feature is its four-step process of noise reduction that significantly improves image clarity through effective rendering of smooth gradations. 

“α (Alpha) 9 is designed to support high frame rate (HFR) for producing smoother and clearer motion images at 120 frames per second for better rendering of fast-action content such as sports and action movies. As a result of the new image processor, 2018 LG OLED TVs can display any content at maximum quality for a truly spectacular viewing experience,” LG explained. 

LG is going to showcase its new ThinQ AI and its α (Alpha) 9 processor at CES 2018 next week. It’s also possible that the company will show off some of its 2018 TV models at the big event. Previously, the company announced that it will be unveiling its 88-inch 8K display at the electronics show. Based on its new press release though, it’s very likely that attendees will also see LG’s 2018 OLED and SUPER UHD TVs at the firm’s both in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center next week.