• CES is where tech companies showcase all their interesting products and concepts
  • This year, various companies showed foldable laptops, phones, and smart speakers with wraparound displays
  • Some of these will be available for purchase this year, but some are just concepts

CES is the place where tech companies show off their upcoming products as well as some very interesting concepts. This year, various companies showcased different devices that made use of foldable displays.

Here are some of the best and most interesting foldable devices during CES this year.

Foldable laptops

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Fold is a laptop with a foldable screen that unfolds to a maximum 13.3 inches. It is designed for individuals who like taking their work with them anywhere. Mashable noted that it feels more like an iPad Pro than a traditional laptop when used with its accessories like a kickstand and wireless keyboard. It will be sold later this year for $2,499.

  • Intel Horseshoe Bend concept

The Horseshoe Bend is a foldable that can be used as huge a 17.5-inch tablet when fully unfolded or a 12-inch laptop when folded. Interestingly, the Horseshoe Bend features a separate keyboard that can be slipped inside the device when it is folded and not in use. This device is but a concept at the moment.

  • Dell Ori

Dell showed off the Ori, a concept foldable laptop that's not as thin as other foldables, but is designed for durability and reliability. It might have thicker bezels, but is rated to handle up to 15,000 folds. Also, it doesn't have any creases or gaps at all.

  • LG Display

LG also showed off a foldable laptop during CES, but this is hardly surprising as the Korean company supplies the displays Lenovo used on the ThinkPad X1. Nothing is known about a release, though.

Foldable phones

  • Motorola Razr

By now everybody should've known that Motorola will be releasing the Razr foldable, the modernized version of the beloved clamshell of the yesteryears. Unlike other foldable phones, the new Razr was designed to make smartphones more portable with a simple fold.

  • TCL foldable phone concept

Chinese company TCL showed a foldable phone that looks bent on overtaking the Galaxy Fold. This device features a 7.3-inch display with better aspect ratio compared to the aforementioned Fold. This display folds completely (it doesn't leave a gap when folded) and doesn't suffer from creases.

Not foldable, but flexible

  • Royole Mirage

Royole, the company known for releasing the first foldable phone ahead of Samsung, showcased the Mirage, a smart speaker with a wraparound display. Despite the eye-catching looks, it's unclear as to what the screen will be used for, save for controls and visualizations.

  • LG smart speaker concept

LG also showed a smart speaker concept during CES. Not much is known about it except that it has a wraparound display as well.

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