New Jersey-based footwear company Aetrex displayed Albert 2 Pro at CES. It's a 3D foot-scanner that helps shoppers find the right foot products for them.


Aetrex combines computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing, and is meant to be an easy-to-use product for retail environments. The scanning process lasts 20 seconds and gives users a more exact look at what they need in terms of footwear and support.

Albert 2 Pro is also a CES 2022 innovation awards honoree.

Albert 2 Pro captures foot data, including length width, girth, in-step, and arch height, to recommend orthopedic solutions to customers by creating an interactive 3D model of the foot. 3.5 million data points are used for the 3D model. However, a 27” touchscreen computer and HP Pavilion Desktop are needed to use the Albert 2 Pro.

Introduction of the Albert 2 Foot Scanner by Aetrex Technology from Aetrex Worldwide Inc on Vimeo.

Aetrex's device is meant to be stood on, with the cameras and sensors able to analyze the feet once the customer steps on the platform. A voice-activated assistant then guides customers and sales representatives through learning and helping find the right shoe and orthopedic support for the customer’s feet.

Aeterx’s footwear technology includes technology from multiple other producers to create the innovative new product, Albert 2 Pro. Albert 2 Pro uses 4 Intel RealSense depth D415 cameras, 5,184 gold plated sensor technology, a Harman eNova AI voice-activated learning and guidance, and FitGenius Tech that helps match customers with proper footwear.

The Albert 2 Pro by Aetrex CES/Consumer Technology Association

Using the 4 Intel RealSense Depth D415 Cameras capture 3.5-million-foot data points down to the millimeter during the 20-second scan. The pressure plate technology developed by Aetrex finds where a customer might be prone to discomfort or pain.

Albert 2 Pro also uses the pressure plate technology for The Dynamic Test option that shows a pressure gait analysis of the feet, which includes analyzing the user’s feet to figure out their center of gravity throughout their gate cycle at 30 frames per second.

The FitGenius platform dashboard connected to the Albert 2 Pro creates a personalized shoe and orthopedic recommendation for users. On average, 30-40% of shoes are returned because sizing is based on length and width, disregarding girth, in-step, and arch. FitGenius considers typically forgotten measurements using data from the 3D imaging of the foot.

The Albert 2 Pro retails for $2,495.